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Welcome to Rose Family Goldens! We are a small family breeder located in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. Our dogs are AKC registered, English Golden Retrievers from imported European and Champion lines. 


Prior to breeding, our dogs undergo health testing for OFA certifications.  Both Blaze and Neva have OFA clearances for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes. 


The Golden Retriever is the quintessential family dog. They are loyal, intelligent, social dogs who love to spend time with their people. English Golden Retrievers are known for all of these traits along with their stunning, creamy white coats. 


Our dogs, Neva and Blaze, spend their days on our 10 acre farm in Sandpoint, Idaho. They love to hike, swim, chase after tennis balls, and are always ready for a walk. Our dogs are a valued part of our family and are often by our side, whether indoors or out. They are never kept in commercial kennels. 

Puppies are whelped inside of our home, where our family is available to provide 24/7 care. Each puppy will be lovingly nurtured, attended to, and well protected.

Our puppies will be raised on an advanced puppy curriculum utilizing early scent introduction and early neurological stimulation. They will be introduced to appropriate sights, sounds, smells, and socialization during these first 8 weeks, to aid in establishing confident, well socialized dogs.

Puppies will be temperament tested to aid in placing each puppy in the right home. 



Meet our Family: 

With our oldest kids having graduated college, and our youngest still at home, we've always loved being a "golden retriever family." We love dogs, but are particularly passionate about this breed. You might say we've never met a golden retriever we didn't like. And you'd be right. We are dedicated to taking the best care of our dogs, committed to responsible breeding practices, and hope to share our love of English Creams with you! 

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