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Buy Your Puppy with Confidence from AKC Registered Breeders

Checking the bloodlines of your Golden puppy can be impossible if you buy from an unknown breeder. The American Kennel Club maintains records of all certified dogs in the country and only issued new puppy certificates to AKC Registered Breeders like Rose Family Goldens. Both Neva and Blaze, our dam and sire, come from documented bloodlines out of the UK and Europe, with a few champions in the list. You will bring home your new puppy knowing that their parents and grandparents were registered and healthy dogs.


We take our responsibility as breeders seriously and deliver and raise all our puppies inside our own home. Every litter is exposed to the Puppy Culture system, preparing them to encounter people, pets, and loud noises with confidence in their forever home. If you are searching for an AKC registered English Golden Puppy, click or call us today.

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